2013 Mission Road Racing Dates Released.

45-38 (3) Brent Martin

Formula Ford racing action at Mission Raceway Park. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin


The Sports Car Club of B.C. has just released their race dates for the 2013 season. There will be 5 Confederation of Car Clubs (CACC) race weekends consisting of 2 races per weekend for a total of 10 events that will make up the CACC B.C. Championship for formula cars and sedans. In addition there is also be 1 International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC) race on the August 31st to September 3rd weekend, this will be a triple race event. This race is part of the 9  scheduled race weekends that make up the ICSCC Championship, the other races are in Portland, Seattle, Spokane and Shelton. Anyone wishing to view the complete ICSCC schedule is invited to click on the ICSCC link on our Links page.

As is customary there will be 2 Driver Training Weekends this year. A spring date of March 23rd/24th and a summer date of June 22nd/23rd. If you would like more information on these Driver Training Weekends and/or entry forms please click on the SCCBC link on our Links page.

For those interested in Vintage Car Race the VRCBC is holding their B.C. Historic Motor Races on the May 25th/26th weekend. This year they are  adding the 45th Anniversary of Formula Ford in B.C. to their event as a feature race. It should make for a very interesting and entertaining event. For more information on this weekend and on the VRCBC please click on the VRCBC link on our Links page.

The 2013 SCCBC race schedule for the River’s Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway is as follows :

March 23-24 Driver Training

April 13-14 CACC Race, Rounds 1 & 2

May 25/26 BCHMR, Formula Ford Feature Race

June 8-9 CACC Race, Rounds 3 & 4

June 22-23 Driver Training

July 13-14 CACC Race, Rounds 5 & 6

August 3-4 CACC Race, Rounds 7 & 8

Aug.31-Sept,3 ICSCC Triple Race

Sept. 14-15 CACC Race, Rounds 9 & 10

October 12 Night Endurance Race