Alan McColl’s Thoughts on the 2012 Season and Formula Ford.


Alan McColl leads a group of Formula Fords into Turn #2 at the 2012 BC Historic Motor Races – Jim Moody photo


By Alan McColl 

This has been a great season of racing. We have had the best weather I’ve seen in years with not one rain race this season. It has also been a great season because of the new found interest in Formula Ford with a number of drivers like Steve Hocaluk Van Diemen RF81, Doug Floer Van Diemen RF81, Craig Archer Swift DB1 who made it out on the track for some great racing.

What makes racing a Formula Ford so much fun is that all the cars are so evenly matched when it comes to horsepower. You can have some really intense battles with another car without having to out spend the next guy to gain more horsepower like they do in sedan racing. I find it much cheaper to race my Tiga FF77 than it was to race my Lotus Cortina which I ran in vintage for almost 20 years..

The thing I like about working on the Formula Ford is it doesn’t take up a lot of room, it’s so easy to work on, it’s like working on a motorcycle everything is so accessible. You don’t need a hoist to lift it and you don’t have to crawl under the car to work on things like the differential, gearbox, and suspension like you do on a sedan. These cars are a lot of fun to drive, they handle well, they brake well and everything is so adjustable to suite your driving style. Mission Raceway is a great sprint track to drive a Formula Ford on, it’s very busy, it’s very technical, and it also allows older cars to be competitive so you always have someone to race against.

The new Formula Ford website that we launched this year has really helped to increase interest in the sport. We have had a lot of inquiries from guys wanting to get involved and it has also kept everyone who is involved in Formula Ford alot more informed on what’s happening. In addition we had 3 cars advertised for sale on the website and all 3 were sold from the ads on the site and what makes it even better is they were sold locally so the cars stayed in BC to race at our own track.

For the last race of the season we had a BBQ for all Formula Ford owners and drivers, as well as anyone who was interested in getting involved in Formula Ford. The BBQ was a great hit with all the drivers and everyone who attended. It was so well received that it was suggested we do this more often because it gives everyone a chance to relax, get to know your fellow competitor a little better, and tell stories of all the great battles they had on track.

We also made an announcement at the BBQ of a special Formula Ford race that is planned for 2013 at the BC Historic Motor Races event. This is the best event of the year with lots of spectators, lots of cool cars you don’t see every day, entertainment and a BBQ Saturday evening. We hope to see over 20 cars enter for the event. So let’s make sure we have our cars ready for this weekend, as you won’t want to miss out. It is just way to much fun with a lot of great racing.

Thanks to everyone who made it out this year. It’s been a lot of fun and next year is going to be even better.