April 14th/15th 2012 – Race Report


Rick Payne & Alan McColl battling each other coming out of Turn #9 . Photo courtesy of Paul Bonner

Rick Payne Double Race Winner &  A New Lap Record!

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The first race weekend of the 2012 season is in the bag and Rick Payne scored maximum points in the CACC Formula Ford Championship by winning both races. For this first weekend he brought out his Piper DF5 to give it a good run, but for the next race and the balance of the season he indicated he would be racing his Swift DB-1.

Following Saturday morning’s qualifying session Alan McColl in his Tiga FF77 was the fastest of the Formula Fords with a time of 1:13.027 followed very closely by Rick Payne at 1:13. 801. Next up was Keith Robinson in his Van Diemen RF 79  then Felim Power in a Van Diemen RF81, new comer Doug Floer in his Van Diemen RF81 and  Bradley Miller in a Crossle 35F.

With warmer temperatures later in the day and more rubber down on the track the stage was set for a very interesting race in the afternoon.  It didn’t take long for the action to get started. Rick Payne made his move right at the green flag by getting the jump on Alan McColl and passing him into Turn #1 under braking. Then going thru Turn #4 on the opening lap the rear end of Rick’s Piper stepped out of line which then caused Alan  to lift off the throttle and resulted in him spinning off the track. Fortunately for all concerned he didn’t get hit by any of the cars that were behind him. Despite his off track activities, Alan was able to get back into the race having only lost one position during this melee. He quickly set about running down Keith Robinson who had taken over 2nd place and within a lap or two he was past him regaining his lost position. By this time Rick was long gone having stretched out a sizeable lead over the rest of the field. There just was not enough time or laps left in the race for Alan to catch him. The finishing order was Rick Payne in 1st place, followed by Alan McColl in 2nd, Keith Robinson in 3rd, Felim Power in 4th, Doug Floer in 5th and Brad Miller in 6th. Both Rick and Alan were able to turn faster lap times in the race than in qualifying, with both of them in the mid 1:12 second range.

For newcomer Doug Floer this was his first Formula Ford race having moved up from karting and he was very thrilled with his finish. His comments following the race were “I think it’s better than karting for a few reasons but mainly because it’s less punishing on the body and is serious, exciting racing. I’m happy I chose FF over FV because FF seems to be more what racing should be, great sounding engines, good handling, shifting, open wheels, decent power band, nice transmission. And the class has history and a pedigree. I’m looking forward to the next race.” As a novice he was only able to race on Saturday but hopefully with another race or two under his belt he should be joining us for both scheduled races during our future events.

Sunday morning’s qualifying was under cloudy skies but dry conditions. This time the starting positions on the front of the grid for the Formula Ford race were reversed. Rick Payne in his Piper was on the pole with a time of 1:12.019, which he turn on his final lap of the session. In 2nd spot was Alan McColl who wheeled his Tiga to a time of  1:12. 449, he was followed by Keith Robinson in his Van Diemen RF79, Brad Miller in his Crossle 35F and Felim Power in a Van Diemen RF81.

This time round it was Alan McColl who got the jump at the start of  the race as he passed Rick Payne going into Turn #1. Alan in his Tiga  out braked Rick and a F2000 car, then exiting the corner he managed to put the F2000 car between himself and Rick. This allowed him to open up a 3-4 car length lead over Rick. It took Rick approximately three quarters of the race to be able to reel Alan in. He was finally able to get close enough to him going down the front straight and he then managed to make his pass stick under braking going into Turn #1.  Over the next 3-4  laps he was slowly able to inch away from the Alan, by the time the checkered flag flew he had built a lead of a couple of car lengths. The finishing order was Rick Payne in 1st place, Alan McColl in 2nd place, Keith Robinson in 3rd and Brad  Miller in 4th.  For both Keith and Brad while they were not battling for the lead of the race their races were far from uneventful.  Brad had worked all weekend to cure a handling issue with his car and based on his improving lap times he seems to have made significant progress and is heading in the right direction. Hopefully for the next race weekend he will be back on the pace. Keith had a very enjoyable weekend from start to finish, he seemed to be thoroughly pleased with his car’s pace and can’t wait for the next event.

A New CACC Formula Ford Track Record at Mission Raceway Park for Rick Payne. On Lap 9 of Sunday’s race Rick turned a fastest lap of 1:11.887 during his pursuit of Alan’s Tiga. The old record was held by Olov Brandsfor in a Crossle 45F at 1:12.255 set on August 7/11. For those interested in the technical details, Rick was running on American Racer tires.

With 2 races completed  Rick Payne leads the CACC Formula Ford Championship with 18 points, followed by last year’s champion Alan McColl with 12 points. Keith Robinson is in 3rd with 8 points, Brad Miller has 5 points and Felim Power has 3 points.

The next races are on the May 12th/13th weekend.

Rick Payne leads Keith Robinson into Turn #2. Photo courtesy of Paul Bonner

Two Van Diemen RF81's: Alan McColl's (For Sale) and Felim Power's (for racing) - S Guy photo

Rick Payne's record-setting Piper DF5 with a Formula Vee - S Guy photo

Keith Robinson with his Van Diemen RF79 - S Guy photo

Alan McColl's Tiga FF77 - S Guy photo


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