April 29/30/2017 Race Report

Doug Floer #62 passing Erle Archer #04. He is followed by Alan Baker #21 and Andrew Dobbie #93. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


After a 3 week break the competitors once again gathered to fight it out for our 2 local Formula Ford championships. All the participants from the 1st race weekend, earlier in the month, were back and they were joined by William Kwan of Burnaby who was making his 1st start of the season.


Race #1

Qualifying for Saturday’s race was held on a dry track under overcast skies with a threat of rain showers in the forecast. Doug Floer in his #62 Topsoft Computing Systems Inc. Van Diemen RF94 was the quickest among the Formula Ford drivers. He was followed by Keith Robinson in his #90 K&G Auto Recycling Van Diemen RF82 and Alan Baker in his #21 Van Diemen RF89. Behind them came Andrew Dobbie’s #93 Dowco.com Van Diemen RF91, Erle Archer’s #04 Tiga FF79 and William Kwan’s #190 Van Diemen RF75.

As race time approached the rain appeared, as promised, and it quickly became apparent that a switch to rain tires would be needed as there was no hope of the track drying in time for the race. When the green flag fell to start the event Doug Floer quickly took the lead of the Formula Ford race. He was closely followed by Alan Baker who would chase him doggedly for the next 12 laps. As both drivers started their final lap of the race there was a yellow flag being waved by the corner marshals in Turn #2 for a car that was stopped on the edge of the track at the exit of the corner. Doug apparently missed this yellow flag, as he was preoccupied with keeping Alan behind him, and he passed Erle Archer on the short shoot between Turn #1 and Turn #2. Having realized his mistake Doug decided to slow down and allow Erle to go by him in an effort to correct his transgression of the rules that state there is no passing allowed under the yellow flag under any circumstances. Unfortunately for Doug by the time he tried to correct the problem both he and Alan were both past the incident and when he slowed to allow Erle to get past him Alan quite legally took full advantage of the situation and accelerated hard to pass Doug for the lead. With only a handful of corners left until the checkered flag there was no opportunity for Doug to retake the lead and he had to settle for 2nd place having handed Alan his 1st race victory. In 3rd place came Keith Robinson who had a fine drive after he had started the race at the back of the grid. He was followed by Andrew Dobbie in 4th place, who was completing his 2nd novice race, and Erle Archer in 5th place. William Kwan had decided not to start this race.


Qualifying:  1) Doug Floer (Van Diemen RF94) 1m11.661
2) Keith Robinson (Van Diemen RF82) 1m15.530
3) Alan Baker (Van Diemen RF89) 1m15.717
4) Andrew Dobbie (Van Diemen RF91) 1m17.317
5) Erle Archer (Tiga FF79) 1m27.972
6) William Kwan (Van Diemen RF75) 1m31.305


Fastest Race Lap :  Alan Baker 1m28.715

Race #2

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, the complete opposite of the previous day, as the cars took to the track for the early morning qualifying session the drivers were faced with a mostly dry track but one that still had a few damp spots. Dave McKay had joined the group this morning having missed out on Saturday due to work commitments.

In qualifying Doug Floer’s #62 Topsoft Computing Systems Inc. Van Diemen RF94 was the fastest among the Formula Fords. He was followed by Dave McKay’s #45 KV Enterprises/Bad Dog Business Lola 644 and Alan Baker’s #21 Van Diemen RF89. Next was Keith Robinson’s #90 K&G Auto Recycling Van Diemen RF82, Erle Archer’s #04 Tiga FF79 and William Kwan’s Van Diemen RF75.

Determined to make up for his loss in Saturday’s race Doug jumped into the lead for the Formula Ford group right off the start. He was able to maintain this lead throughout the race and was declared the Formula Ford winner when the race was stopped early due to an accident. In 2nd place was Dave McKay followed by Keith Robinson in 3rd place, when the race was stopped on Lap #12 Keith had actually passed Dave but according to the rules the results are based on the last completed lap which was Lap #11 which then put Dave back in 2nd place. Considering it was Keith’s pass on Dave that precipitated the race being stopped in the first place it was measure of justice for Dave. The accident occurred as Keith tried to go inside of Dave under braking for Turn #3 and as both driver’s turned into the corner the right front tire of Keith’s car made contact with the left rear tire of Dave’s car which caused Dave to spin out and come to a stop across the track. The impact didn’t result in any damage to either car but a car following them was forced to take evasive action and wound up hitting the wall on the exit of Turn #3. While there was no injury to this driver his car was significantly damaged and out of an abundance of caution the race was stopped, . The rest of the finishing positions had Alan Baker in 4th place, Erle Archer in 5th place and William Kwan in 6th place.


Qualifying : 1). Doug Floer (Van Diemen RF91) 1m13.884
2). Dave McKay (Lola 644) 1m16.960
3). Alan Baker (Van Diemen RF89) 1m17.366
4). Keith Robinson (Van Diemen RF82) 1m17.999
5). Erle Archer (Tiga FF79) 1m26.922
6). William Kwan (Van Diemen RF75) 1m31.474


Fastest Race Lap:  Doug Floer 1m12.254

Race #3

For this race Doug Floer in his #62 Topsoft Computing Systems Inc. Van Diemen RF94 had the Formula Ford pole position as a result of turning the fastest race lap in Race #2. Beside him was Dave McKay’s #45 KV Enterprises/Bad Dog Business Lola 644. They were followed by Alan Baker in his #21 Van Diemen RF89 and Erle Archer in his #04 Tiga FF79. Both Keith Robinson and William Kwan did not start this race, in William’s case it was due to a suspension failure that occurred at the end of Race #2.

As in the 2 prior races Doug once again headed the field into Turn #1 after the start. He was followed closely by Dave McKay, on Lap #3 Dave was able to find a way past Doug to take over the lead but it was to be short lived as on the very next lap Doug repassed Dave to regain the top position. After that initial excitement the race settled down with Doug opening up a comfortable gap over Dave and the rest of the field. He easily took the win with Dave finishing in 2nd place and Alan Baker took 3rd place with Erle Archer in 4th place.


Fastest Race Lap:   Doug Floer      1m11.400



The next race is the June 10/11/2017 weekend.



Unofficial CACC Points Standings after 6 Races

Doug Floer – 51 pts
Alan Baker- 29 pts
Dave McKay- 24 pts
Erle Archer- 17 pts
Keith Robinson- 12 pts
William Kwan- 1 pt

Unofficial SCCBC Points Standings after 6 Races.

Doug Floer- 79 pts
Alan Baker- 51 pts
Dave McKay- 40 pts
Erle Archer- 38 pts
Keith Robinson- 25 pts
William Kwan- 6 pts


Andrew Dobbie #93 ahead of Alan Baker #21 into Turn #5. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


Doug Floer #62 leading Alan Baker #21 into Turn #2. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


Doug Floer #62 and Erle Archer #04 in Turn #5. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


Keith Robinson #90 and Doug Floer #62 in Turn #5. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


Dave McKay #45 leading Keith Robinson #90 . Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.


Alan Baker presenting the celebratory Fresca to Doug Floer for winning Race #2 on Sunday.

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