Brad Smith swaps Van Diemens

Having recently sold his 1981 Van Diemen RF81, Brad Smith has acquired a very sleek looking 1994 Van Diemen RF94 to replace it. He purchased this new car in Ottawa and had it shipped out to the Lower Mainland. According to Brad, the car is resting securely in his garage as he begins the process of going over it thoroughly and planning his updates.

He advises that it has some unique features, as it was originally a Zetec 1800 car. The chassis is a bit roomier in the back and it has a stronger looking gearbox adapter, with the aluminum spacer that the rockers mount to. The track is at least 4 inches wider than a standard 94/5 and it has a monoshock front suspension.

We look forward to seeing Brad out in his new car at Mission for the 2012 season. Here are a couple of pictures of the car as it was last raced in Ontario by the previous owner.