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Interested in getting a Formula Ford?

Check out this helpful article (here) before you look at the cars for sale. Remember, unless you are already very knowledgeable about Formula Fords AND about racing Formula Ford in British Columbia, we strongly recommend that you don’t commit any money before you check with us. We are very willing to help you make the best decision for your situation. A short email (Contact Us page here) and a follow up phone call may save you a lot of disappointment and money!

Cars available locally

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For Sale: 2000 Van Diemen RF00 Formula Ford
1) Van Diemen RF00 Year: 2000 Chassis #: 2679
2) All A-arm Suspensions & Push-rods upgrade to 2001 Year specs. (wide track)
3) Penske shocks all around 4-way adjustable
4) Front and rear TDI rotors cross-drilled Floating type
5) LD19 break calipers with blakhawck pads all arround
6) Halon Gas fire extinguisher system
7) Front sway-bar control
8) Front/Rear break bias control
9) 350lb/in front springs
10) 480lb/in rear springs
11) TLS fuel cell bladder type
12) 0.100″ T6061 Aluminum floor pan glue and riveted to chassis space-frame
13) All fiberglass bodywork with carbon-fiber nose
14) Light weight OZ-Racing wheel rims (12-spoke)


15) LD200 from Hewland 4-Spd. Plus reverse
16) 13:36 ratio on Crown-pinion
17) Light-weight flywheel with integral hydraulic clutch release bearing
18) 7 gear ratio are available (gears are remmed)

ENGINE: (total number of hours since last re-build approx. 23)

19) Ford 1600cc by Quicksilver
20) Hi-Tech Headers
21) 32/36 Dual barrel Weber carb
22) Bosh distributor with Peltronics timing
23) Custom made spark plug wires (very immune to damp weather)
24) Dual side-pod aluminum radiators
25) Oil cooler radiator
26) 5-ports Tilton Oil pump with integral oil filter

27) Custom made wire harnesses (with Power-Good to engine bay)
28) LED flashing rain light

29) Pi-2 system logger and display
30) Full software license with laptop computer and download cables
31) RPM sensor
32) Speed sensor
33) 2-axis Accelerometer sensor
34) Engine temperature sensor
35) Gearbox temperature sensor
36) Oil pressure sensor
37) Fuel pressure sensor
38) Break force sensor
39) Auxiliary sensor (steering, throttle)
40) Ambient temperature sensor
41) On-board battery voltage sensor
42) 10-CH. Beacon receiver sensor
43) 10-CH. Beacon transmitter

44) All manuals are available for Pi system, LD gearbox, Penske shocks
45) Complete Weber carburetor kit jetting and emulsion tubes

46) All of the spare parts are also available with the package
The cost is $19800 US dollars for entire car, engine and spares or $17000 US dollars for roller and spares (i.e. no engine).

Contact: Pier Bortot (Ottawa, Ontario) at










For Sale – 2003 Kodiak Fox

-Engine 1600cc Kent specification early 2003 by Tasman Race Engines.
-Suspension upgrades. A visually appealing car ala F1 very aerodynamic and responsive
to drive. Car is amazingly quick.
-Has been Homologated by CACC and SCCA FIA rules..
-Hewland LD200 Gearbox – balanced & blueprinted
-Aeroquip fittings and Braided lines…
-Complete set of quality rod ends on the car on suspension arms all push rods and toe
-Penske double adjustable shocks (Rebuilt by Joe Stimola 2005)
-Kodiak Wheels with Fast Forward Centre Locking Nuts
-AIM on board datalogger c/w track mapping, G-force, rpm, speed, heads-up lap time,
programmable shift light, steering wheel display, track beacon and software and
-Tilton Brake pedal setup…Master Cylinders

Price – $12,000 Cdn

Contact – Contact Chris White 604-657-8021 or email



1985 Van Diemen RF85

1985 Van Diemen RF85

For Sale:

1985 Van Diemen RF85

Imported from England, never run competitively in Canada. Will need some updating to Canadian standards but a very solid car

$9500 with an open trailer or $8500 without.

Contact -Sean Kearney at 604-760-3904 or email