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For SaleFormula Ford Parts

Having sold his Van Diemen RF2000 Piers has the following parts he would like to sell off:

1) Upper A-Arm mounting blocks 7075 Aluminum (new) $41 each
2) Lower A-Arm mounting blocks 7075 Aluminum (new) $51 each
Note: For the lower mounting block, the distance from center to attachment is: 18mm
Note: For the upper mounting block, the distance from center to attachment is: 16.5mm

3) Brake caliper AP Lockheed LD19 universal fit all four corners (new) $287
4) Girling-70 Master clutch (used & good condition) $77
5) MOMO steering wheel black suede (used & Good condition) $120
6) Motormaster distributor F1600 (used but in very good condition) $176
7) Push-rod adjuster & toe-link adjusters (new) $19 each
8) Pi wheel speed sensor active type (used) $81
9) Pi 10 Channels beacon Transmitter (new) $285
10) Pi 10 Channels beacon Receiver (used) $195
11) Pi Temperature sensor (new) $ 90
12) TDI floating type rotor (used) $71
13) Drive shaft tripod (new) $55 each
14) Left rear or front upright for VD-RF00 (used excellent condition) $313
15) Wheel bearing for upright above (used) $45
16) Wheel Hub for upright above (used very good) $275

Intake manifold gasket $7 each (qty. 2)
Head gasket $20 each (qty.2)
Front timing chain $2 (qty.1)
Oil pump $3.00 each (qty.4)
Fuel pump block $5 each (qty.2)
Water pump gasket $2.0 each (qty.6)
Water outlet gasket $2.25 each(qty.8)

Contact : Piers Bortot at


A-arm mounting blocks


LD 19 brake caliper


Girling master cylinder .70


Momo Steering wheel


Motorcraft F1600 distributor



Pushrod adjuster & toe link adjusters






Pi-Temperature sensor



TDI rotor


Van Diemen tripod joint


Van Diemen RF2000 Left front or rear upright.


wheel bearing for Van Diemen RF2000 upright.




F1600 head gaskets and intake manifold gasket.


F1600 misc. gaskets