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Check out this helpful article (here) before you look at the cars for sale. Remember, unless you are already very knowledgeable about Formula Fords AND about racing Formula Ford in British Columbia, we strongly recommend that you don’t commit any money before you check with us. We are very willing to help you make the best decision for your situation. A short email (Contact Us page here) and a follow up phone call may save you a lot of disappointment and money!

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1974 Hawke DL 11

1974 Hawke DL 11

 For Sale :

1974 Hawke DL11 Formula Ford. Vintage legal with period tires. Restored for the FF 40 Year Reunion and raced a dozen times since. Uprated motor (711M block). Belts need to be updated.    $12, 500. Email:  danmo at yahoo dot com    or call 425 444 one six two eight. 1974 Hawke DL11