Formula Fords visit Chilliwack’s Greg Moore (Kart) Raceway

Alan McColl's Tiga and Felim Power's Van Diemen at Greg Moore Raceway

by: Felim Power

On Sunday Oct. 16th, 2011, Alan McColl and I took our racing cars to the Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack to put them on display and do some promotion of the Formula Ford class. We received a very warm welcome from the West Coast Kart Club executive and the kart racers. There was a lot of interest and questions about the cars and the class. In addition to a static display, we were invited to run our car for a few laps around their track during the lunch break. It was great to see that the fence along the front straight was packed during our demonstration run. While the track was interesting to drive, it is a little too narrow and tight for our cars but nevertheless, we had a lot of fun.

We want to say a big thank you to the West Coast Kart Club for allowing us to put our cars on display at their track. Alan and I agreed that the day was great success and it is something we should do again at least once during 2012. We need to continue to develop this relationship between ourselves and our local kart racers. Who knows; if we continue promoting our class to them, someday many of these racers may join us in Formula Fords.