Fun in Formula Ford 2012!

Keith Robinson in car #90, Van Diemen RF79 race winner!

Keith Robinson in car #90, Van Diemen RF79 race winner!


By Keith Robinson

I love motor racing and I’m in my fifth decade of racing.

2012 was my first complete season after returning to Formula Ford, what a blast!

Working on the car whether it be maintenance, rebuilding the clutch, experimenting with suspension settings, changing gear ratios it’s all interesting and fun!

Formula Fords are designed and built by racers; they are pure race cars and no they don’t have doors.

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to work on them, there are books you can read and there are many people in the Formula Ford racing community to help you. Yes, the other Formula Ford drivers want to help you and we want to see more cars, we enjoy the competition!

Racing a sedan is exciting, I’ve always enjoyed it.

Racing a Formula Ford is EXCITING and I love it.

Best of all, buying and racing my RF 79 Van Diemen, has been no more expensive than my 90 Civic!

There are cars for sale and people waiting to help, so why are you waiting?

Three score years and ten; 22000 days, no matter how you calculate it life is short put some excitement into it in 2013.