This section is all about the history of Formula Ford in British Columbia in particular, but also of Formula Ford in general.

Formula Fords at Mission Raceway – 1997

The photo below was taken at Mission in 1997. Some of the drivers are still active today. How many do you recognize?

Give it a try and after you think you have all the names, look below for the correct answer.


From left to right, the drivers are: Rick Payne, Daryle Redlin, Dave McKay, Olov Brandfors, Jim Latham, Felim Power, Marty Knoll, Wes Tipton, Michael Lensen, Brian Westerlund, and Scott Trinder. Check out the Driver Profiles page (here) and the BC Champions page (here) for more infomation on some of them.


B.C. Formula Ford Champions

British Columbia Formula Ford Champions go all the way back to 1970. Check out the full list here.


Formula Ford in British Columbia

Back in May, 2003, Tom Johnston – the 1970 ICSSC Formula Ford Champion – wrote an article about Formula Ford for the Vintage Racing Club of BC’s Vantage Newsletter. Tom describes the origins of the class, how it grew in western Canada and some of the great action at Westwood. Click here to read Tom’s story.