June 23/23/2012 – Race Report


Keith Robinson, Alan McColl & Doug Floer. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin

Keith Robinson & Alan McColl Split Race Wins.

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For a race weekend that almost never was, due to flooding from the high water levels of the Fraser River, the June 23/24 CACC race weekend was a good event. It saw two different race winners which is a first this season. The weather gods must be race fans as again we had dry weather for both races, although shortly after Saturday’s race the skies opened up with a downpour that included wind, thunder and lightening. Thankfully the cars weren’t on track when the storm front blew through.


Race #1

The pole for Saturday’s race was captured by Alan Long driving his very well prepared 1984 Swift DB-1. This was Alan’s first outing in the car in almost 2 years and the car ran flawlessly. He beat Doug Floer, who was driving his 1981 Van Diemen RF81, to take the pole position for the Formula Ford group with a time of 1:15.694. Doug was next up with a time of 1:16.266 followed by Keith Robinson in his 1979 Van Diemen RF79, Al Cruickshank in his 1975 Legrand MK21 and Brad Miller in a 1985 Swift DB-1. For Brad this was his first time driving the Swift as he had just purchased it from Rick Payne a couple of weeks prior to the race.

The race had all the potential to be an exciting affair as the first 3 drivers were within 1.5 seconds of each other. Unfortunately it was not to be, as trouble struck early. Keith Robinson made a great start and jumped into the lead as the field headed into Turn #1. He was followed by Doug Floer, Alan Long, Al Cruickshank and Brad Miller. As the group came out of Turn#9 and onto the front straightaway to complete the first lap, Doug Floer’s Van Diemen RF81 was stuck in 1st gear and he had to coast to a stop as his race was over. At the same time Alan Long had to take evasive action to avoid another slowing car and he wound up spinning his car and hitting the wall with the right rear corner. This resulted in the race being stopped under a red flag condition as emergency crews attended to Alan and his car. Unfortunately Alan’s race weekend was over as neither he or his car were in any condition to continue.

When the race was restarted Keith Robinson resumed his position at the head of the Formula Ford group. Once the race got underway again Brad Miller in his Swift DB-1 made it past Al Cruickshank to take over 2nd place. Then with only 7 laps completed, the race track was severely coated with oil by a Formula Vee car. This resulted in a pace car situation and the CACC officials wisely made the decision to end the race early as the track was in no condition for further racing. The final results were Keith Robinson in 1st, Brad Miller finished 2nd and Al Cruickshank was 3rd.


Race #2

For Sunday’s race Alan McColl rejoined the group but instead of driving his trusty Tiga FF77 he was behind the wheel of his 1981 Van Diemen RF81. This was to be his first time out in this car and he put it to good use by securing the pole position for the Formula Ford group with a time of 1:14.714. Sunday morning’s qualifying session was quite entertaining as both Alan and Keith took turns trading the fastest laps. When the session was over it was Alan at the top of the timing sheets followed by Keith in his 1979 Van Diemen RF79 with a time of 1:15.214. In third was Brad Miller in a 1985 Swift DB-1, Doug Floer in his 1981 Van Diemen RF81 and Al Cruickshank in his 1975 Legrand MK21. Thankfully Doug’s gearbox woes from Saturday weren’t that serious and he was able to make repairs so that he could race again on Sunday.

In almost a repeat of Saturday’s start to the race Keith Robinson jumped into the lead of Sunday’s race at the drop of the green flag. At the end of the first lap the order was Keith, Alan McColl, Doug Floer, Brad Miller and Al Cruickshank. Then at the start of Lap #4 Alan McColl made his move on Keith passing him for the lead under braking for Turn #1. He was slowly able to move away from Keith and he opened up a gap which he continued to extend until the chequered flag came out. Further back in the field Doug Floer spun his Van Diemen in Turn #2 on lap number 6. He was able to rejoin the race but he was one position down as Brad Miller past him to take over 3rd place.

The finishing order was Alan McColl in 1st, Keith Robinson in 2nd, Brad Miller in 3rd, Doug Floer in 4th and Al Cruickshank in 5th place. With 6 of the 10 CACC races now completed Alan McColl leads the Championship with 39 points, Keith Robinson is in 2nd place with 33 points and in 3rd place is Brad Miller with 21 points.

The next CACC race is on September 22/23 weekend. In between there is the BC Historic Motor Races on August 4-5 and the ICSCC Championship double races on Sept.1-3.

Brad Miller's Swift DB-1 leading Alan McColl's Van Diemen RF81. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin


Brad Miller's Swift DB-1 at speed. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin

Alan Long Swift DB-1 & Doug Floer Van Diemen RF81. Photo courtesy of Gerry Frechette.