Oct. 6/7 2012 Race Report


Swift DB-1s of Brad Miller and Craig Archer battling in Turn #8. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.

Alan McColl Sweeps 2 Races & Wins CACC Championship.


Race #1

With only 2 races remaining on the 2012 schedule, this weekend was to be the culmination of a season long championship points battle. Alan McColl only had to finish in the points to win the title while his 2 closest contenders both had to win 2 races and hope Alan was not able to finish in order to wrestle the Formula Ford title away from him. These last 2 races brought the promise of some excellent racing at the end of which a Formula Ford Champion would be crowned. We were fortunate again this weekend to be blessed with some fantastic Fall weather for our finale. Blue skies and warm temperatures were more than a fitting way to end this racing season.

Alan McColl, in his Tiga FF77, was trying hard to establish his dominance on his closest competitors and clinch the CACC Formula Ford Championship in this first race of the weekend. He laid down a lap of 1:12.230 in Qualifying which was a full second faster than his nearest competitor Craig Archer. Craig, in his Swift DB-1, qualified in 2 spot with a time of 1:13.233 and he was following by Doug Floer, in his Van Diemen RF81, at 1:16.400 and Keith Robinson, in a Van Diemen RF79, at 1:16.807. They were followed by Brad Miller in a Swift DB-1 at 1:16.808 and Felim Power in a Van Diemen RF81 at 1:18.783.

When the field of cars came around to take the green flag Alan McColl found himself boxed in by some other slower starting cars. This allowed Craig Archer the opportunity to slip past Alan under braking for Turn #1 and into the lead of the Formula Ford race. Craig was able to maintain his lead of the race for a couple of laps before Alan was able to find his way past. He found an opening going into Turn #5 and he dove under Craig’s Swift as they both braked for the corner. Once out front Alan was slowly able to pull away and he opened up a gap over Craig which he could not close up.

A little further back in the field Keith Robinson and Doug Floer were having a great battle amongst themselves over the 3rd place position. They passed and repassed each other until Lap #11 when Doug’s Van Diemen RF81 got stuck in 1st gear. Unfortunately Doug had to retire from the race at that point.

The finishing order was Alan McColl in 1st place and Craig Archer in 2nd. They were followed by Keith Robinson in 3rd place, Brad Miller in 4th and Felim Power in 5th. With this win Alan McColl also took home the 2012 CACC Formula Ford Championship.

Following Saturday’s race we had our 1st ever Formula Ford drivers and owners BBQ at the track. A really good time was had by all those who attended as we served up burgers, sausage and beverages. We had over 20 people join us and the consensus of the group was to have more of these BBQs over the course of the 2013 season. It was a great way to wind down the racing season.


Race #2

With the Formula Ford Championship now decided the pressure was off and Sunday morning’s Qualifying session had a more relaxed feel to it. Alan McColl again placed his Tiga FF77 on the pole for the Formula Ford group with a time of 1:13.382 which was a full second slower than his Saturday Qualifying time. He was followed by Keith Robinson in his Van Diemen RF79 at 1:14.782 and Doug Floer’s Van Diemen RF81 at 1:15.848, then come Brad Miller in his Swift DB-1 at 1:17.119 and Felim Power’s Van Diemen RF81 at 1:19.329. Unfortunately due to a prior commitment Craig Archer did not enter Sunday’s race.

Once the green flag dropped for the start of the race Alan McColl jumped in the lead not wishing to have a repeat of Saturday’s race start. He was followed by Keith Robinson, Doug Floer, Brad Miller and Felim Power. Unfortunately for Doug his race ended on that 1st lap exiting Turn #6 as his gearbox woes of Saturday returned to take him out of the event. With Doug’s retirement the race order remained the same until the chequered flag came out which brought an end not only to the race but the 2012 racing season.

This year was a very good season for our local Formula Ford group. We saw more cars entered in races this year than we have had in the previous couple of seasons and we had 2 new drivers ( Doug Floer & Steve Hocaluk) join the group. In addition we had the return of several veteran drivers like Keith Robinson, Craig Archer, Rick Payne and Alan Long. Hopefully for 2013 we will continue to see more growth in the class with the return of even more of our veteran racers and the addition of more new drivers to the class.


Felim Power being followed by Craig Archer through Turn #8. Photo courtesy of Brent Martin.

Keith Robinson trailing Felim Power into Turn #2. Photo courtesy of Gerry Frechette.

Keith Robinson passing Felim Power on exit of Turn #2. Photo courtesy of Gerry Frechette.


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