The Future of Formula Ford!

Formula Ford Apprentice at work - Alan McColl photo

by Stanton Guy

Not all of the folks involved in Formula Ford racing are veterans; the younger generation is always welcomed.

Someone who takes this recruitment very seriously is Alan McColl, well known local racer and the first winner of the Pete Lovely Memorial Award at this year’s BC Historic Motor Races. There is no ‘free ride’ with Alan however! Seen above, working hard on grandpa’s TIGA Formula Ford is Alan’s grandson Jack, who has signed on as an apprentice race mechanic. (We understand he works for room and board.) The future of Formula Ford Racing will be assured if every racer gets their ‘own Jack’ started in racing as a member of their pit crew.

Don't forget to torgue them, Jack! - Alan McColl photo

Of course, being a race mechanic is not all glory – it can be pretty tiring – but the dreams are great!

"..and crossing the Finish Line, our winner, ...Jack!!" - Alan McColl photo


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